Success is yours for the taking

Success is right around the corner...

Many people feel like success is only for some people – that you’re either born to be successful or not.

I have some big news for you:

This is not the case.

At all.

Success is an ‘up for grabs’ type of thing. You want it? You can have it.

So what’s the recipe to success?

1. Knowing what it is you want to do. This is not what you think you should want to do, or what your parents, friends, sister, brother, or third cousin once removed wants you to do.

2. Believing that you can do it. I know, first hand, that that’s sometimes not the easiest thing to do. Seek out the people who love, care, and believe in you for reassurance, motivation and support. Having a coach or mentor always helps as well.

3. Taking action, no matter what. I was speaking to one of my clients today, and at the end of our session, she asked me, “Jordana, what is the #1 reason why businesses fail?” Businesses fail because people quit. It’s as simple as that. The most successful people have also failed the most. The reason they’ve succeed is simply because they’ve kept going.

There is a super successful, beyond your wildest dreams, entrepreneur of the year award-winning, shining star of a woman business owner inside of you. She ALREADY exists.

How exciting is THAT? 🙂


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