When’s The Last Time You Made a Decision?

Which way do you want to go?

Probably a minute or so ago, right?

It would totally make sense if that”s the case. Over the course of the day, we probably make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions from “what to eat for breakfast” to “whether or not we should stay at our job.”

Our lives are really one decision after another.

Decisions are really powerful. In fact, the word decide – at its origin – means “to cut off” – essentially, making a decision cuts off any other possibility. When you’re looking at a restaurant menu, and decide to order pancakes, you’re eliminating the possibility of any other dinner option.

In order to get anywhere in life, you need to take action. And in order to take action, you need to make a decision.

Which leads me to my point, if you want to start your own business, the first step is to DECIDE to start your own business. It may seem a bit oversimplified, but that act alone is a pretty powerful starting point.


2 responses to “When’s The Last Time You Made a Decision?

  1. Jordana –

    Love the new blog! Congratulations.

    And I love this post in particular as it totally resonates with my trademarked approach to organizing and coaching, which is DECIDE to be Organized. It is so important to be able to make decisions in order to rid yourself of the mental and physical clutter taking up precious space in your life (and yes, business!). So kudos on a nice post and blog overall.

    – Lisa

  2. Thanks for your feedback Lisa! So glad it resonated with you šŸ™‚ Hope you’re doing awesome and enjoying your summer. xx

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