Meet Emily, Professional Organizer

Emily is FULL of energy and so excited to become a professional organizer. She is a native New Yorker – originally from Brooklyn Heights – and went to University of Massachusetts At Amherst for college.  She returned to the Big Apple after graduating and soon after realized that she wanted to start her own company. She loves working with the elderly and animals and can’t wait to build a business around helping people.

1. Most wanted superpower: To fly. Especially when I’m in traffic.

2. Favorite candy bar: Mounds Dark Chocolate

3. Personal theme song: Miss Independent, by Kelly Clarkson

4. Actress who would play you in a movie: Sarah Jessica Parker

5. Professional role model: Jordana Jaffe

6.  Favorite movie: Pretty Woman

7. Favorite high school class: Art

8. Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks: Starbucks

9. Scariest thing you’ve ever done: Bungee Jump

10. Three words that best describe you: Upbeat, positive, and compassionate


One response to “Meet Emily, Professional Organizer

  1. I have know Emily for over a decade and she is all those things and more. Determined, funny, sweet and warm hearted. I know whatever goals she sets for herself she will accomplish. And as for “what actress would play you in a movie” Sarah Jessica Parker has nothing on you!
    Alexandra “Bunny”

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