Meet Shola, Project Manager


Shola is a singer, actress and works as a Project Manager for creative entrepreneurs. Originally from Oakland, California, Shola moved to New York eight years ago to attend Fordham University, where she received her B.A. in Music in 2006. Shola prides herself on her multi-dimensional work that has spanned entertainment, non-profits and international travel. She is super excited to work with Jordana to keep her productivity up a notch and live out her passions.

1. Ideal vacation spot: India

2. Professional role model: Oprah

3. First thing you will do once your business is up and running: Celebrate with a nice bottle of wine and toast myself for following through

4. Three words that best describe you: Adventurous, creative, and loyal

5. Country you would want to live in: France

6. Personal theme song: Suddenly I See, by KT Tunstall

7. Scariest thing you’ve done: Rode a camel in Egypt

8. Favorite high school class: Dance

9. Best dinner companion: Michaelangelo or Beethoven

10. Best time travel destination: 1960’s, a decade with amazing music and important social justice initiatives


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