Meet Patricia, Health Guru


My name is Patricia, but I’m also known by friends and family as Trish or Tish.  I am a junior, going to be a senior, at Boston College majoring in Human Development and Communications. In my free time, I love hanging out wih my friends and family, running outside, and reading.
1. Most wanted superpower: Go back in time

2. Favorite dinner companion: Jesus

3. Scariest thing I’ve ever done: Study abroad

4. Three words that best describe me: Funny, kind, and inqusitive

5. Best job I’ve had so far: I was the Secretary for the Dean of my university

6. Favorite high school class: American History

7. Actress who would play me in a movie: Hillary Swank or Sandra Bullock

8. Favorite candy bar: Take 5

9. Ideal travel destination: New Zealand

10. Favorite movie: Little Miss Sunshine


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