Introducing Kacy: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

Kacy is the founder and owner of The Inspired Office, an office-specific organizing company. She started her company as soon as she graduated from college, and has become an extremely successful and inspiring entrepreneur.

What inspired you to start your own business?
I studied abroad in Bali, Indonesia for four months when I was a junior in college in 2000.   It should come as no surprise that I had the time of my life.  While I was there, I knew I had to work for myself “when I grow up.”  After having a taste of living an adventurous life in paradise, I couldn’t imagine a life where someone tells me I only have 3 weeks of vacation a year.  It was just unacceptable to me.  I set a goal to return to Bali every year for at least a month.  I’ve been back twice.  Though I am still working myself into a place where I have the time, the money, and the passive income to make that happen each year, it’s this very specific dream that motivates me every day.

What is the best lesson you could give a young woman who wants to start her own business?
Start young.  I love this question, because I feel like I’m asked versions of this all the time.  I graduated from college when I was 20 and started immediately.  It’s been 10 years.  I couldn’t imagine starting from scratch now, and am so proud to be 30 and already have a decade of experience.  Every day I thank my inner 20 year old for starting when I did!

Who is your biggest mentor/role model for success?
It’s a tie between Richard Branson and Fabienne Fredrickson of the Client Attraction System.

Do you have any major regrets about starting your business or a choice you made when starting it?
I wish I had found my niche sooner.  Though I’ve been a Professional Organizer for ten years now, I’ve been solely organizing offices and paper for two years.  My business, and deep love of my work, didn’t really start to take off until I defined my niche. I wish I had started organizing while still in college.  I should have printed business cards and marketed in the neighborhood.

How do you think the current economy affected your entrepreneurial choices?
It motivated me even more to tighten up my marketing.  My business actually started picking up around the time the economy took a nosedive.  I’ve proven to myself that the power of positive thinking is so much more powerful than the statistics we read.  As I saw friends of mine worrying about their job security, it felt so good to know that no one could ever lay me off.  If I wasn’t busy, it was my own fault.  I gained a real sense of my control.

Kacy Paide, Office Organizing Consultant

The Inspired Office

“Creating the Centerpiece of Your Success”


Twitter: kacypaide


One response to “Introducing Kacy: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

  1. Both Kacy and Jordana are beautiful examples of female entrepreneur’s who love what they do and want to share it with others. If you are a young woman with a dream and a day job… Congratulations.. Follow your dream until your day job becomes your DREAM JOB!!
    Have a great day everybody!!!
    Peace and Light,

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