Women Entrepreneurs Mixer

Hey everyone! Just wanted to keep you updated about a really exciting event I’m hosting next week. It’s a Women Entrepreneurs Mixer where you will spend the night aspiring and established women entreprenuers under 30. Whether you are in the process of getting your first clients, creating a business name, or even just have an idea that you would like to have your own business, come along!

Tuesday, July 20th


No cover charge

Top of the Strand, rooftop bar in Manhattan

Go to http://embarkabilityjulymixer.eventbrite.com to sign up and be immediately entered to win Jordana’s Insiders Guide to Building Your Business in 8 Simple Steps! (Exclusively reserved for VIP clients)


One response to “Women Entrepreneurs Mixer

  1. Carmen Pacheco

    Hi there!

    I would love to come to your Entrepreneurs Mixer! trying to build my own photography company and i am very interested in coming. Do i need any further information or sign up for anything?

    thanks again,

    Carmen Pacheco

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