Week #3 Shola

This week I really felt productive. I finally recorded all of my ideas and the helpful conversations I’ve had with various people into one document that I refer to as my business outline. A lot of times I think I am clear about my intentions and what steps I need to take next, but its not until it’s all written down and organized that I discover where my idea really stands. In this instance, I was able to examine where I still need to be specific and I created a vision for my business and its objectives. This 4-page business outline includes the characteristics of my ideal client, my professional experience, my interest in this type of business, and what services my business provides and who it helps. It took me a lot of dedicated thinking time to get to the point where I am now and it wasn’t easy. It is important to note that I am a task-orientated person, and often find it a challenge to simply contemplate ideas and plans without having a concrete indicator of completion. I am happy to say that I overcame this difficulty and made real headway in developing my business.

In addition, this week Jordana and I spoke about confidence and overcoming the mental obstacles that sabotage our efforts. I realized that I do feel hesitant about starting a business because of my age. I have held the belief that people will not trust me to manage and guide their projects because of my young age. This is a belief that has obstructed my progress for years. One suggestion that Jordana had was for me to look up CEOs under the age of 30 and focus on the people who are making significant business contributions at a young age. Again a simple suggestion and slight adjustment of perspective reaps big benefits. I decided to focus on why my age is an advantage and desirable, oppose to a set back. I also thought about what it would take for me to be more confident in my abilities and made the resolve to move in that direction.


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