Week #4 Shola

Because I am excited about the progress I have made in developing my business, I have become very eager to share it with professional contacts and enlist my mentors to refer me clients. However, Jordana has assured me that in time I will be ready for this step, but now I still need to focus on fleshing out my idea and becoming even more specific. This week Jordana and I reviewed my business plan together. She applauded the strides I’ve made, but encouraged me to dig even deeper. She asked me to define my target market and how I will find these prospective clients. She also suggested that I create a step by step process for the service my business provides, this will not only give my clients clarity about what I offer, but it will also help me streamline my process.

Now more than ever, I realize the value of patience. When I think about where I am now, a month having worked with Jordana, it is evident the amount of refinement and specificity my idea requires in order to be a long lasting success. Due to my negligence of this process in the past, my business track record has experienced the roller coaster effect: up and down, up and down. I understand now that the haste to get immediate results aids in premature promotion and consequently a lukewarm reception. Instead, undertaking the arduous process of  maturing an idea can result in consistent and lucrative outcomes. Now I’m cooking!


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