Introducing Rachel: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

Meet Rachel, co-founder of Pink Pangea, a woman-specific travel site. Women are encouraged to share their  experiences, connect with other adventurers, and prepare their own world travels.

What inspired you to start your own business?

My partners and I created because it was exactly the travel resource we wished existed.  As women who love to travel, we were tired of searching through travel guides that never seemed to provide the nuanced information we needed in order to have safe and fulfilling travels abroad.  We already knew that we should bring our own tampons and watch out for pickpockets—but what about issues of modesty?  What about men-women relations in that county?  And safe modes of transportation?

Also, having worked in the travel industry and heard many stories of female clients’ romances abroad, we knew that we weren’t the only people who needed women-focused travel information.

So, we decided to create – a community where women travelers can share experiences abroad through travel photos and anecdotes, connect to other women travelers, and feel empowered to see the world.

What was the most exciting aspect of starting your own business?

Knowing that my partners and I were meeting after work and on weekends and pulling a few all-nighters to work on because we genuinely believed in it and not because we “had” to.  

How do you stay calm when your business stresses you out?

We remind ourselves that no business was ever built in a day and that every successful business is constantly evolving and growing to fit its customers’ needs.

Who is your biggest mentor/role model for success?

Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder.  He is incredibly hardworking and confident, while also a regular guy who has accomplished extraordinary things.  I also love that even with all his success he hasn’t just retired.  He keeps innovating everyday, trying to make information available to everyone.

Do you have any funny, inspiring or noteworthy client or business anecdotes?

All of the partners joined with very similar reactions.

I approached the first partner at work.

Me: “I’m going to start a business and I want you to join.”
Her: “I’m in.”

Later on, the two of us approached the potential third partner during our lunch break.

Us: “We started a business.  Do you want to join?”
Her:  “Yes.”

The three of us interviewed a web developer for the job.

Us: “Do you think you’re interested?”
Him: “Yes.”

One of the main highlights of working on has been collaborating with people who believe as strongly in the business as they do in the team itself.  A strong team of hard-working, ambitious people is essential to starting a business.  It’s also pretty nice that we all truly enjoy spending time together.

Rachel Trager

(917) 371-5569

Twitter: @pinkpangea


2 responses to “Introducing Rachel: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

  1. Pink Pangea is truly the best travel site on the web. The reflections are not only beautifully written but also filled with valuable travel tips and insights for women. The site has only added to my desire to see the world. Bravo!

  2. Thanks, Cara! Feel free to submit your own international travel experiences.

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