Week #5: Shola

Each week I feel more and more confident about the business I am developing. Now that I have a framework I find it more enjoyable to figure out every little detail, and I continue writing, editing and redrafting my ideas until they are perfect. After a very positive response from Jordana about the FAQs I created and The Process for my business, this week I developed three programs for my potential clients. This was a bit of a challenge because I never intended to be so specific as to have programs, but merely planned to charge people whatever seemed reasonable based on what they wanted. I created three programs with respect to cost, level of involvement and services provided. My mom was in town, so she helped me be very specific about what I was offering and the profiles of the ideal client for the three different tiers my business has to offer. Together, we created the names of the programs and wrote the blurb that would help a potential client identify herself with the particular program leading her to employ my service.  It felt really good fleshing out all of this information because during the process I was getting more clear about the value of my service and the crux of my business.  In going through each step Jordana lays out, I able to get more invested in the success of my business and one of my personal passions. I would say each step in the Embarkability Process is about being clear, but this particular stage I’m in now is about being very specific and looping your business back to your vision of what you love. Although Project Management is something I know I have a talent for, through this process I realized why I actually enjoy doing this type of work – I am inspired to help others get their visions out of their heads and actualize them in the world.


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