Week #6: Emily

Networking and researching is a very important aspect of creating a business.  Starting a business you need to find ways to network yourself and your services. My research started with my target market. I made a list called “Client Research”, which consisted of the following:  living locations throughout New York City, vacation/summer season spots (because business can always travel), community organizations, arts/culture (which is all over NYC), gyms/spa’s, shopping (department stores/boutiques), restaurants, bars, and events throughout New York.

While doing my ‘client research” I also came up with a list of people that I should talk to and network myself and my services to. My list consisted of stylists (high-end), salon owners (high-end), community organizations, closet architects, closet companies, writers,  celebrities, my friends/family and even random people I may meet during my venture. These next few weeks I plan on networking in multiple ways.

The first step is to follow my outline that I created by contacting everyone and suggesting that we meet for coffee. By talking to people within this population it will allow me to gain more knowledge on how to serve them better.  I also believe that there are other creative ways to network myself. I came up with a few ideas that I am going to keep under wraps for now and I can let everyone know in the future how things turn out. In the end, Jordana has taught me that before creating a business, you need to learn how to create a service that will best fit my potential clients needs. I have a feeling that I will learn a whole lot through this networking process. Until next time!


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