Introducing Kathryn: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

Meet Kathryn, a Los Angeles yoga teacher and writer. With her playful technique, Kathryn combines Ashtanga yoga with laughter and discovery.

What has been your biggest success?
I feel that success can be defined on so many different levels.  It was pretty thrilling getting the phone call from Yoga Journal asking me to be on their cover.  It was in that moment that all of my hard work on a local level started to transcend into a national level and that was a huge moment for me.

Do you have any examples of a situation in which you would say you failed?  What did you learn from this?
I was up for an extremely high profile job once that I wanted more than anything and was pretty sure I had it.  Turns out it wasn’t for me and I spent an endless amount of time beating myself up over it and completely depleting myself of energy thinking about ‘what if’ scenarios.  It was a great lesson that everything comes when is should.  It doesn’t matter how prepared or ready we think we are.  We need to trust that everything is as it should be, we’re perfect, keep doing what you love and it will all line up.

Where is the most interesting place your business has ever taken you?
Well, I’m on my way to Juneau, Alaska next week.  I’ll be heading over to France and Switzerland in October.  It’s a ton of time on the road, which can be draining.  That being said, I love getting out of my bubble and meeting yogis all over the world.  They are hungry for this practice and I am thrilled to help them along their path.

Have you met any celebrities or really interesting people in your business?
Living in LA you can’t go further than 2 blocks without bumping into a celebrity.  I’ve worked with Snoop Dogg (kind and hilarious), Alanis Morrisette (like a brilliant free bird), Giada de Laurentiis (my mentor and big sister), Melissa Etheridge (the most awe-inspiring woman in the world), Eva Mendes (pure sugar), Ryan Kwanten (sassy Aussie) and Bill Murray (can make you laugh without even opening his mouth).

Do you have any funny, inspiring or noteworthy client or business anecdotes?
A big part of what I teach is the ability to move through and past fear.  Fear is a huge issue in our society that keeps people locked in habits and inhibits the ability for growth.  I have a 62 year old student, very type-A and set in his ways.  I started to introduce handstand work in the middle of the room as a tool to get people out of their heads and to face something frightening with ease, strength and trust.  At first, he just gave me the harry eye-ball and blew off my instruction. Eventually, the curiosity grew into little hops, larger hops, controlled attempts and now a full blow handstand in the middle of the room.  Every time he comes out of his handstand he has the grin of a five year old on his face.  To see that joy, lack of fear and sense of self-empowerment?  Yes, yes, I love my job:)

Kathryn Budig


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  1. Great interview! KB is awesome.

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