Week #7: Emily

Creating a business takes a lot of work and there are a lot of questions that you need to ask yourself during the process. My mind is constantly thinking about organizing and how I can create a successful business as a personal organizer. Every Monday when Jordana and I have our weekly phone call she reminds me that I must be clear on who I want to work with and be clear on what services I plan on offering. I decided to create a list that is based on people that are all a part of one demographic group. This week I am outlining my goals, and one of my goals is to create a mass e-mail and a survey on Google doc’s. After I send out this mass e-mail and survey I hope that I will receive some positive and productive responses. Jordana told me my goal is to receive a constant/collective insight from my target market. I have learned a great deal in the past 8 weeks and I could not have started this process without Jordana’s help . My main goal is that by September I hope to have a very clear idea about my business plan and I certainly plan on going forward with creating my own business. This has been a fabulous and fulfilling experience and I truly feel that many young women will benefit from working with Jordana Jaffe 🙂


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