Introducing Chloe: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

Chloe is an award-winning vegan chef, she has proved with her delicious food that vegan recipes can be fun, stylish, even easy!

Have you met any celebrities or really interesting people in your business?
When I competed on Cupcake Wars, I met celebrity judge Candace Nelson who is the creator of Sprinkles Cupcakes, the world’s first only cupcake bakery. I had always admired her when I was growing up as the ultimate pastry entrepreneur, so it was thrilling to not only meet her, but see her enjoy my cupcakes. It was exciting to find out that someone I looked up to was so warm and friendly in person- a true role model!

What is the best lesson you could give a young women who wants to start her own business?
Always believe in yourself even when nobody else does. We’ve all heard it before, but now I have come to really understand it. You have to take a risk to be successful, and no risk goes without criticism. Some people thought I was crazy for going from UC Berkeley to culinary school, but I had to believe in myself.

How do you stay calm when your business stresses you out?
It’s tempting in my line of work to turn to food in stressful situations, but I try not to. I usually head to a dance or exercise class when I need to calm down. That hour of forgetting everything is like a mini vacation. I come back I feel ready to tackle what I need to.

Have you stayed close with clients/peers you’ve met in the field?
Now that I have started my blog and newsletter, I have met so many terrific people over the internet. I really enjoy reading everyone’s emails and helping them with their recipe questions. I feel like I have met a whole new community of food-loving friends.

What do you do or say when you feel like giving up?

When times get tough, I remind myself how lucky I am to be pursuing something that I love. That is usually enough to get me back into work-mode!

Chloe Coscarelli

Twitter: ChloeCoscarelli


One response to “Introducing Chloe: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

  1. think u re wlc to me. Hw re u. I wnt u knw me was as firend. Feel life u too. Where u from? Pls tell me nw i love u

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