Expert Tips: Tammy Golson

We are proud to introduce Tammy Golson, of Tammy Golson Events, as our first weekly expert. Every Wednesday we will be featuring a woman who has gone through the trials and tribulations of starting their own business. These entrepreneurial women have agreed to provide five tips that every Embarkability reader should know for when they start their own businesses. Tammy has started off the series with a bang with her fabulous tips that every social girl needs to know.

Five Tips to Successful Entertaining for the busy Entrepreneur

1.Determine budget and guests list early in the planning process.

2.Decide what your priorities are so funds can be allocated properly.
(decor, food, dessert, music, etc)

3.Keep it simple, invest in the details that will make your event
personal and creative. Quantity doesn’t equate quality.

4 Be mindful of the guest of honor  and the guests’ overall experience
when making major decisions affecting the outcome of the event.

5.Trust your instincts. When choosing venues, menus, entertainment and
decor consider service, product, price and personality.

Bonus: Relax and have fun, if you are having fun that will be evident
and translate to your guests and enable them to enjoy the event you
have planned!

2 responses to “Expert Tips: Tammy Golson

  1. So happy to see a wonderful woman and entrepreneur here like Tammy! The world is too small…love seeing everyone connected…makes me happy 🙂 And thanks for the useful tips!

  2. This is a wonderfully targeted list. Thanks, Tammy, for putting it together for us!

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