Expert Tips: Heather Higgins

Check out the tips Heather Higgins provided below to make your workplace ideal for productivity as well as keep your eyes and back healthy, both of which are often victims to the 9-5 job.

Three Secrets to a Successful Workspace

1. Create Acoustical and Visual Privacy:

Distracting noises negatively effect both productivity and stress levels. The gentle hum of an air conditioner next door can be dampened by a door or barrier. Move noisy office equipment away from walls and add carpeting or dividers. The visual temptation of a quick television break or trip to the refrigerator can also result in a loss of personal productivity. When possible, it is best to designate a     separate room with a door or another type of closed space.

2. Check Ergonomics:
Ergonomics, the interface between human factors and machines, has a significant effect on productivity, injury prevention and health. Consider these quick checks:
– Eyes should be 24 – 36 inches from computer screen
– Top of computer monitor should be at or below eye-level
– Feet should be planted firmly on the floor or a footrest
– Slightly reclined chair posture will reduce vertebrae pressure and minimize lower back pain.

3. Provide Suitable Lighting:

Task lighting – Provides a strong beam of light aimed directly toward your work.
Ambient lighting – Provides an overall, even level of lighting throughout the space.
Daylight – Makes a workspace feel bright and sunny, but avoid glare on computer screens facing sunlight or eyestrain caused by looking directly into strong light.


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