Expert Tips: Maria Francesconi

Ever wish you could have the luxury of your own personal yoga trainer? Well, Maria’s tips might be the next best thing. Maria has worked as professional singer/dancer for the past 15 years and began transitioning from the Performing Arts to the Healing Arts at that time. Traveling the world as a performer, exposed her to many, many different healing remedies from both the East and West. She is now a Naam Yoga Teacher and Harmonyum Healing Practioner, using music and movement to bring light to her students, clients and audiences.  She recently produced her first CD, 7th Day Creation and is featured on several of Gurunam’s, (founder of Naam Yoga) Healing Beyond Medicine CD series. Her company, Light is Life is a continuation of her 4th grade science project by the same name, proving that Light is the unifying essence of all Life on Earth.She teaches all over the country, and continues to perform in New York City.  Visit for more information and your Free Special Report, “How to Have Harmony, Health and Happiness; Within Hands Reach. Anytime! All the Time! 7 Secrets to Change Your Life at Your Fingertips.”

5 Yoga Tips for a Busy Entrepreneur from a Busy Yogi

1. Sip Hot Water.

2. Know what day of the week you were born.

3. Practice Star Pose.

4. Practice the Mudra for Stress Relief.

5. Get Regular Harmonyum’s.

1. Sip Hot Water-

Ok, I know you want to drink coffee, I do to too, but coffee doesn’t act like one of the most cooling, calming and restorative yogic’s breaths in the world, Satali Pranayam, the way that coffee does.

When you sip a cup of hot water, you are gently breathing in through your mouth and then exhaling through your nose. This is the precise technique of Satali Pranayam, which is good for the magnetic field and the liver. If you are working at a computer for long hours your magnetic field gets compromised if you don’t take care of it.  Also this breath is good to cool you down if you are getting frustrated, angry and impatient. It will slow you down and allow you to relax so you can concentrate and stay focused.

Hot water is a great digestive tonic and cleanses the internal organs as well…

Sip Hot Water… Seriously….

2. Know the day of the week you were born-

Ok, so why is this important and why is knowing this simple fact SO important in business??

In brief, each day of the week corresponds with one of the 7 Creative Planets, and knowing which day you were born will reveal the best way for you to succeed in your business.  It tells you the beneficial ways to work, and where your creativity is best spent, and it also tells you what to watch out for.

For example, if you were born on a Tuesday like I was, then your Primary Planet is Mars. This is creative, fiery, determined and highly energized person that has to finish what they start.  They want to get things done and take action right away. Sometimes that make really impulsive decisions, which later cause them troubles in their business.  It is imperative for a Mars person to know this about themselves, so they can pause, be patient and not make hasty impulsive decisions that could have dramatic and devastating effects on their business.  The most difficult thing for a Mars person to do is relax, and yet it is the most beneficial.  Physical exercise if Great for someone with Mars, so they can release their physical energy and stay mentally fit.

A Venus person has to surround themselves with beauty and luxury and a Mercury person does well when they are communicating properly.   There is so much more to know about this, but first you must know what day of the week you were born.  It is one of the unseen forces behind the success of your business.

“Life is not meant to be a game of chance. The universe is mathematically built and it has its own natural rhythm and flow. When we understand the immutable laws of nature, we can attract healthy relationships and heal existing ones with partners, family members, friends and colleagues and ourselves.” – Joseph Michael Levry, Gurunam

3. Star Pose-

Star pose is a simple, yet challenging pose, that balances the positive and negative polarities in the body. It gives you stamina, endurance, emotional strength and challenges you “not to give up.”  It has physical and pyschological benefits galore and can be done very simply by stepping away from you desk or in between client sessions.  It will shift your energy, connect you to the light, strength and generosity of the Sun, so you can be radiant, strong and generous with your clients and partners.

To create;

Part 1- Stand with your feet 3-4 feet apart in a wide legged stance. Stretch your arms out from your shoulders straight out and open yourself up to receive the blessings of the Sun. The Sun will renew and fortify your energy, even if you simply meditate on it.  This part balances the positive polarity.

Part 2- Bring your feet together and your arms over your head, clasping your hands. Do not interlace your fingers rather, simply bring your palms together and fold down your fingers. This part balances the negative polarity.

The time you do each posture is very important. It goes in the following sequence:

Part 1                                                        Part  2

3 minutes                                          5 minutes

4 minutes                                          6 minutes

6 minutes                                          10 minutes

10 minutes                                          16 minutes

The longer you do the exercise the more benefits you will receive. It gives you an incredible amount of energy and really boosts your stamina!!!!

4. Success in Your Career-

A mudra is a yogi hand posture that has a tremendous capacity to work with the unseen forces in the body to attract blessings, healing and balance your mind and body.

This mudra attracts Spiritual and Material Blessings, Abundance and Good Fortune.  It gives you the energy to get things done, to be open to creativity and welcome success into your life.  Anytime you feel like, ‘tossing in the towel’, do this mudra first. Visualize your deepest desires in your heart and see the light of the Sun lighting your way toward them. Do this mudra and things will happen in your career. This mudra supports the expansion of idea’s and brings what you need to achieve your goals to you.
Things will change…

– If you are frustrated and overwhelmed by not getting the results you want in your business.


– If the pressure to complete a project makes you want to quite. DO THIS MUDRA.

– If the pursuit of your dreams seems like an insurmountable mountain. DO THIS MUDRA.

– If you don’t have faith you’ll get that promotion, or move your business from 5 to 6 figures, or 6

to 7 figures. DO THIS MUDRA.

To create;

Interlock your pointer fingers, (the palms will be facing away from each other) Then bring the tip of your ring finger to touch the tip of your thumb.

5. Get Harmonyum’s Regularly-

Harmonyum gives you the effects of hours and hours of meditation in under an hour.

It is a soothing, relaxing and highly effective, noninvasive healing treatment that balances and regulates the entire body through the autonomic nervous system.  Through simple, yet Divine Movements, Harmonyum initiates you into your own essence and allows you to awaken to your Potential, Purpose and Passion.

Regular Harmonyum treatments are a vital component to healing all systems of the body.  When your mind and body are functioning well, so is your Business. Self-care is essential so you can be of maximum service to your Clients.

It feels amazing, keeps you healthy so you maximize your business and your time off.

Harmonyum is the perfect way to remove any blocks that you have going on, that are keeping you from achieving your goals and maximizing your potential.

Get Harmonyum’s regularly.

Harmonyum Improves Your:

●   Digestion

●   Sleep Patterns

●   Nerve Function

●   Circulation

●   Emotional Response

●   Thought Patterns

●   Overall Health

●   Relationships

●   Energy

●   Individual Healing Capacity


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