10 Ipod/Iphone Applications for the Efficient Business Woman


1.  Financer
A multi-functional application allowing you to track your spending and manage your bank accounts 

2. Lattiiss online appt scheduling 
Online appointment scheduling for small businesses anytime anywhere
3. Noter2
Allows you to efficiently and effectively create, edit, prioritize, and manage your notes
4. My Signature
A tool to help you generate a personalized signature and use it in your email
5. Prompt
Notifies your contacts if you’ll be early, on-time, or late to an upcoming meeting with a touch of a button
6. Checklist
Creates and manages all sorts of checklists
7. Central Desktop
Connects to your Central Desktop account to view, add and update your tasks and events
8. IWebKit5
A free framework designed for the creation of iPhone and iPod touch compatible websites or web applications
9. Password Generator
A free online tool to create secure passwords
10. Notewire
Helps you keep track of notes, links, maps, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and more


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