Introducing Alyssa: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

Meet Alyssa, the founder of Donni Charm, an inspirational fashion website that grew out of love and determination. This company specializes in scarves, and is so named because “These scarves are wrapped around me, like the arms of his hug, and hang close to my heart where he [Alyssa’s father] will always remain. Those close to my father affectionately called him Donny, and as my mom later pointed out, I was his charm… “donni charm” was created.”

What inspired you to start your own business?

The loss of my father. I started my own business as a coping mechanism to deal with the loss. I hope this shows other young girls in any type of negative situation, that they can do something positive with it. I know the reason Donni Charm has been a success is because my father is my inspiration, and I want it to succeed for him.

What has been your biggest success?

Gaining the support of people around the country whether sorority sisters, grandmothers, or celebrities. Everyone has been so supportive and because of these people that believe in Donni Charm and what we represent we have gotten where we are with such a strong foundation.

What was your proudest moment?

Hearing from my brother when he was in Washington DC on a school trip to tell me that he saw a girl walking down the street wearing a Donni Charm.

What is the best lesson you could give a young women who wants to start her own business?

Be inspired. If you have something you  believe in when starting your business, you will never let it fail.

Who is your biggest mentor/role model for success?

My mother. She started a business when she was in her early 20’s and has always been a driven business woman, and still able to be the most amazing mother at the same time. Not only has she taught me how to be successful by following in her footsteps of her past businesses, but she has also taken a hands on role in Donni Charm and contributed to making it the success it is today.

Alyssa Wasko

Donni Charm



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