Expert Tips: Nicole Libschik

5 Tips in Self-Care:

The key is to think of your self as an athlete! Like any pro athlete, you too are doing intense work that requires skill, strength, focus and endurance. Like an athlete you too need an effective program, with recovery time for success! Check out these 5 Self-Care tips towards a long-distance sustainable game called LIFE!!

1.      Nutrition: You are what you eat, and you are what your food eats! Is your food coming from nature or a factory. We are designed to eat pure whole foods, not “chemicals, plastics or artificial sugars”. There are super delicious alternatives to take the place of unhealthy habits. When you eat healthy, satiating, and quality foods, you give your body the chance to generate and produce optimal results!

2.      Hydration: Drink plenty of water. Your body is made up of about 70% water with little reserve. Once the body is dehydrated, it responds as stress. How are you replenishing your body with pure fluids, not caffeine/soda/juice? Bored of water? Add a slice of fruit or infuse it with herbs!

3.      Sleep: Are you getting to bed on time? Our natural sleep/wake cycles are parallel to the rise/set of the sun and moon. When we sleep, our body and immune system can recover having us fresh for the next day. 7-8 hrs of sleep can be your best investment! Do you think an Olympic swimmer wins gold on 4hrs of sleep?

4.      Breathing & Movement: With grace, breathe in oxygen, send it throughout your body; exhale carbon and release all emotion and stress. Now add movement! We are designed to hunt, gather, be mobile; not sit at a desk all day! Whether it’s yoga, cardio or a proper strength-training program, your body gets to let go of resistance and open up to possibility!

5.      Mindset: Fine-tune your thought within your mind and body. Awareness of thought allows you to accent your best attributes with work, health and life!  Diminish the less optimal thoughts caused by judgment or fear. When you’re present with how you feel, you can choose an effective way of being to create a happy healthy environment around you. Need support? Find a coach to support you all the way to the finish line!

Nicole Libschik, LMT, RYT,

Professional Health & Lifestyle Coach

Holistic Hands

917.806.4676 (in development planning to launch mid-September)


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