Expert Tips: Jessica Grippo

5 Food Tips to Avoid Burnout for Busy Women
As we all know, starting your own business is a demanding job. If you’re not careful, you can not only tip out of balance with your work time and play time, but you’ll also start feeling it take a toll on your body. Especially as women, stress will hit our bodies and affect our hormonal balance and livelihood on a deep level.
So what’s an entrepreneur to do?
Luckily, our specialty here at Laughing Sage Wellness is to teach women how to naturally keep things in balance and avoid burnout through simple food and lifestyle changes.
Here are the 5 food tips you MUST know about!
  1. Switch to decaf – Caffeine first thing in the morning will zap the life out of your adrenals, leaving you even more tired at that 3 or 4pm lull. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, start by switching to decaf or green tea, then eventually switch over to herbal teas.
  2. Skip the salad at lunch– That’s right! Contrary to popular belief that salads at lunch are the healthy way to go, depriving your body of a whole grain carbohydrate source at lunchtime will bring on sweet cravings later in the day and disturb your blood sugar balance. So throw some brown rice into your salad bowl, or eat a sandwich or sushi rolls.
  3. Take shortcuts with your snacks – Instead of mindlessly munching on crackers, candy, or other quick fixes, keep balanced snacks around for yourself. Always have on hand protein sources like: organic sliced turkey breast (which provides the building blocks for mood stabilization), whole hard boiled eggs, canned salmon and sardines (skip the tuna! Too much mercury and not enough EFAs). Whole grain quick fixes include: Mary’s Gone Crackers and precooked brown rice bowls from Trader Joes. And don’t forget about sliced veggies with peanut butter or hummus!
  4. Nourish your adrenal glands with supportive foods – Load up on sea vegetables (nori, hijiki, dulse, kelp – which come in flakes that you can easily sprinkle onto your food), black sesame seeds, black and kidney beans. These foods work to nourish your tired adrenals.
  5. Get in your Essential Fatty Acids – Especially if you’re breast feeding, your body can be starved of the EFAs, essential for mood stabilization. If you can’t get in things like avocado, salmon, nuts and seeds, then take a fish oil or flax oil supplement.
Laughing Sage Wellness is committed to helping you understand the amazing natural healing options that are available to you, so that you can make knowledgeable, powerful choices about how to care for your body and your menstrual and sexual health. For more information, please visit or email Jessica at

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