10 Books to Read Before 2011

Birthing the Elephant: The Woman’s Go-For-It! Guide to Overcoming the Big Challenges of Launching a Business By: Karin Abarbanel and Bruce Freeman

Helps women prepare themselves for the psychological and emotional strains of starting a business

The Boss of You: Everything a Woman Needs to Start, Run and Maintain Her Own Business By: Emira Mears and Lauren Bacon

For first-time women entrepreneurs who like the idea of starting small and working with people they know

The E Myth Revisited By: Michael Gerber

Precisely presents the pitfalls to avoid when going out on your own, paired with a relatable story of a female entrepreneur

The Girl’s Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business By: Susan Wilson Solovic

Shows women how to confront their fears of taking their business ambitions to the next level

Escape From Cubicle Nation By: Pamela Slim

Provides practical advice and insight on how to navigate through fear, uncertainty, and doubt, along with exercises and stories from the trenches

Business As Unusual By: Anita Roddick

The Body Shop starter gives inspiration for women entrepreneurs

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul By: Susan Harrow

A woman’s guide to promoting herself, her business, her product, and her cause with integrity and spirit

The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials By: Marta Stewart
Demonstrates how to research to find your target niche, how to start a business, how to grow one, marketing, branding, and more

How She Does It By: Margaret Heffernan
Points out that successful women entrepreneurs are bound by passion over money-making drive

Smart Women Finish Rich By: David Bach
A 9-step guide to achieving financial security to fund your dreams


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