Expert Tips: Silfath Pinto

Silfath Pinto, French and West African living in New York, is founder and President of Sense Your Style LLC, an Image Consulting and Wardrobe Styling company. Repeated suggestions by amazed friends as well as her impeccable eye for styling made her go for the obvious: embrace her passion for styling. Silfath offers Wardrobe Planning, Personal Shopping and Relooking Services as well as workshops and trainings for corporations and organizations.

5 tips to look your best 

Great style and true confidence starts with embracing who you are from the inside and out, and be proud of your unique beauty. Every woman is beautiful; unfortunately, some of us don’t realize or understand it. I believe in empowering women by giving them the tools to understand their beauty, own it and trust it.

Stop fighting and start loving!
It is not about being complacent; it is about understanding your unique beauty and focusing on your strengths. Why should we always focus on what we don’t have? Why should we always see beauty in what we don’t have? When you look into the mirror, stop focusing on what your feel uncomfortable and identify your strengths (long legs, small waist, beautiful blue eyes, amazing skin…). Then, use clothes, accessories, hair and make up to mitigate your perceived flaws and enhance your best assets.

Dress your body type
So many women do not understand their body and as a result get frustrated when it comes to dressing it. For instance, women with larger hips should favor shapes and cuts that enhance their small waist while balancing their bottom. Fuller figure women will take advantage of their size and play with statement accessories and fun prints. Petite should avoid large scale accessories and prints as they tend to be overpowering.

Fit matters not size
Sizes fluctuate from one brand to another and from one cut to another. So if you try a dress in a size 8 and it is too small, go for the size 10. The size is not important as long as you look fabulous!! Keep in mind that wearing larger or smaller size tends to make you look larger than you actually are. So whatever the size is, if it fits well, you will look your best.

No more clutter
Gaining clarity in your wardrobe will allow you to dress with ease.  Start with editing your closet twice a year, preferably in early spring and fall. Anything that either does not fit right, or is not flattering, or is worn out or is outdated, is probably a good candidate for a donation. The first time might take a long time but the more often you do it, the faster it becomes. It might be scary at first but it is actually a liberating process!

Love what you see in the mirror
If you do, you will feel confident and powerful! 

Silfath Pinto
Style Consultant


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