Introducing Marissa: Our Weekly Woman Entrepreneur

Marissa noticed that before heading out with her friends, the same words were always uttered. Whether it was friends from college, friends from business school, or friends from somewhere in between… at some point it came down to, “which should I wear?”…and in that business was born.

What has been your biggest success?

Getting our product up and running and acquiring users who consistently come back to our site is really exciting and is what I consider a success. Also, some of the press attention we have received has been very very exciting as well. Being featured in New York Magazine, The New York Times, and Daily Candy was awesome.

Do you have any examples of a situation in which you would say you failed?  What did you learn from this?

I try not to be to hard on myself…I know that this whole experience is a learning process for me, so I try not to say I’ve failed, but more that there are times when I’m not sure what the right decision is… I definitely try to do my homework the best I know how and ask a lot of people for advice and get their perspectives…That’s been a very valuable way to make informed decisions…so at the end of the day, if things don’t turn out the way I expect, at least I know why I made the decisions I did.

What is the craziest/most interesting business experience you have ever had?

We are in the works of creating a television show about GO TRY IT ON…so far this has been a very exciting and interesting process!

What was the most exciting aspect of starting your own business?

It’s been extremely exciting and rewarding to see users constantly using our product. To see women coming from all over the world, Russia, Israel, Brazil, all uploading photos and asking each other for feedback makes me realize that there is a real need for our product and we are helping people which is really exciting for me!

What books/material have you read that has proved most beneficial or influential?

“Pour Your Heart into It” by Howard Shultz- one of my favorite, most inspiring books I’ve read

“Switch” – Chip & Dan Heath

“The World is Flat” – Thomas Friedman

Marissa A. Evans

Founder of Go Try It On

Twitter: @mevans1


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