Ladies Poised to Take Home the Golden Man (Hint: His Name Isn’t Oscar)

The 2010 finalists for the Stevie Awards for Women in Business were announced this afternoon. The awards are a spin-off of the broader Stevie Awards, which were created in 2002 to “honor and generate public recognition of the efforts, accomplishments, and positive contributions of companies and business people worldwide.” The female-specific ceremony came into being in 2004.  

Winners of the 7th annual awards ceremony will be announced and celebrated in a Gala Awards Ceremony held in New York City on November 12th. They will take home a 24-karat gold statuette holding aloft a crystal pyramid meant to represent the hierarchy of human needs (a system developed in the 1960s by psychologist Abraham Maslow who observed that after their basic needs are met, human beings seek the esteem of their peers.)

Notable categories include:

Best New Company of the Year (Business Services; All other Industries)

Best New Product of the Year

Best Turnaround of the Year

Best Young Entrepreneur

Blog of the Year (separate categories for AD marketing PR; Services, All other industries)

Community Involvement Program of the Year

Environmental Stewardship Program of the Year

Women Helping Women Award (Business Services, Media; All Other Industries)

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Renee Leck is a resident blogger for Embarkability. She enjoys yoga, cooking, and curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book.


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