10 Businesswomen Gone Green


Amilya Antonetti 
Created a line of household cleaning products using vegetable-based ingredients
Jaszy McAllister
Specializes in eco-conscious jewelry construction using ethically sourced gemstones, fair trade components and recycled metals
Chanell Scott
Started an online consumer site offering eco friendly products and fair trade lifestyle goods
Fiona King
Developed a range of cotton, washable, and reusable diapers
Zsa Zsa Bacaling
Established a clothing company for women clothes made from bamboo, organic cotton, and corn, and are free of prints
Ellen Holder
Created a natural, organic, and chemical-free skin care line
Sarah Beatty
Formed a supplier of environmental-friendly building materials
Jen Husted
Founded an eco-conscious graphic design business offering advertisements, logos, corporate identities, posters, web graphics, among other services

L. Denise Jackson
Established an international organization designed to assist consumers, consultants, and business owners in beginning or expanding their green knowledge, business, and operations
Linda Monroe
Created a wholesale and retail sales company for agricultral use of certified organic earthworm castings


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