10 Things That Make Your Commute Worthwhile

Networking Opportunities
You never know who you will bump into 
News Updates
Whether it is the radio, a newspaper, or your blackberry, take the time to brush up on current and business-related events 
A New Book
With kindles, nooks, Ipads, and even books on tape..technology has made it easier for commuters to enjoy a good read
If it was a late night, a morning/evening nap could be just what you need to get you back on your feet (*not recommended for drivers)
Self reflection
Sometimes we schedule ourselves so thin that we forget to ask, “How am I?”
Organization and Planning
Use the time to browse through your week/month/year at a glance
Catch up on emails
It can be hard to get to personal emails when you are a busy working woman
New ideas are famous for sparking during idle time
Control your mood with tunes during the one time of the day where it is not unproductive to be distracted
Your Support Team
For a motivational boost, start or end your day by chatting with someone who helped you get where you are


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