Kelly Ripa to Host TLC’s Homemade Millionaire

Kelly Ripa of “Live with Regis and Kelly” fame is slotted to a host “Homemade Millionaire”, a new show on TLC that pits female entrepreneurs against one another in the hopes of winning a spot on the Home Shopping Network. Though in the vein of many other reality competition shows, Homemade Millionaire rewards contestants that create functional, practical products rather than those adept at fuss and fireworks. The show also narrows its focus much more swiftly than other competition shows, whittling down its contestants from three to two in the first minutes of each episode. Last Friday’s premiere showcased a competitor with a home-organizational product and one with a hair-care product. Each entrepreneur first made their pitches and then received coaching from business and TV professionals. For more entrepreneurial showdowns check out TCL’s “Homemade Millionaire” Friday night at 10/9c.

Renee Leck is a resident blogger for Embarkability. She enjoys yoga, cooking, and curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book.


One response to “Kelly Ripa to Host TLC’s Homemade Millionaire

  1. All I know is that the ladies are kicking butt and are finally getting the recognition that they have always deserved. Not only in the business world but all over the world. Honestly and it’s maybe because I’m a momma’s boy. If God has gender, it’s a female.
    JosephDiego DiaMante

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