The 20 Countries With The Highest Percentage Of Female Entrepreneurs

A 2007 Global Entreprenurship Monitor study documenting the role of women in business in 41 countries unearthed some interesting results regarding the leading ladies of the entrepreneurial world. Before we lay out the top 20 countries scoring the businesswomen friendly points, here are some facts to consider.

  • Countries were separated in three categories: low/middle-income Europe and Asia, low/middle-income Latin America and Caribbean, and high-income.
  • The results indicate more women are entrepreneurs in lower income countries. Necessity is the mother of invention?
  • The one country with a higher percentage of women entrepreneurs than men? Japan.

See the countdown below for the U.S ranking and other results.

20. Finland (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 9.6%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 19.3%)

19. India (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 9.7%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 18.2%)

18. Spain (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 10.1%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 17.9%)

17. Portugal (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 10.4%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 21.5%)

16. United States (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 10.7%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 18.5%)

15. Ireland (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 11.3%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 22.2%)

14. Iceland (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 11.4%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 30.8%)

13. Uruguay (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 11.7%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 26%)

12. Kazakhstan (Percent of women entrepreneurs: 12.4%; Percent of men entrepreneurs: 18%)

11. Japan (Percent of women entrepreneurs 13.8%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 12.2%)

10. Argentina (Percent of women entrepreneurs 15.5%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 33.3%)

9. Greece (Percent of women entrepreneurs 15.5%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 22.6%)

8. Chile (Percent of women entrepreneurs 16%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 28.3%)

7. Brazil (Percent of women entrepreneurs 19.9%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 25.4%)

6.  China (Percent of women entrepreneurs 20.5%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 28.9%)

5. Dominican Republic
(Percent of women entrepreneurs 20.6%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 27.9%)

4. Venezuela (Percent of women entrepreneurs 21.7%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 29.4%)

3. Columbia (Percent of women entrepreneurs 26.6%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 42.4%)

2. Peru (Percent of women entrepreneurs 38.5%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 43.8%)

1. Thailand (Percent of women entrepreneurs 45.4%; Percent of men entrepreneurs 51%)

Renee Leck is a resident blogger for Embarkability. She enjoys yoga, cooking, and curling up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book.


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