Introducing Colleen and Stephania: Our Weekly Women Entrepreneurs

Colleen and Stephania help host Thursday night dinners from both Louisville, KY and Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Colleen and Stephania don’t pretend to be professional cooks or crafters, but after over 300 dinners, they are expert multi-taskers, idea-generators, and friend-gatherers. They’ve been cooking up delicious dinners and adorable crafts for more than seven years, and are certain that their laid-back approach and economical, user-friendly instructions will encourage and inspire cooking and crafting newbies and veterans alike.

What was your proudest moment?

I think so far our proudest, and most excited moment, was winning the DailyCandy “Start Small, Go Big” Contest It was very satisfying to get some validation that all of our hard work was paying off and that Thursdays has widespread appeal.

What was the most exciting aspect of starting your own business?

The most exciting aspect is the possibly of one day being able to quit our day jobs and be our own bosses and to put all of our energy and effort into this project that we are very passionate about.

What was the best compliment you have ever received about your business or your business efforts?

Some of the greatest compliments we receive are from women who connect on some emotional level with our site. We think it’s a huge compliment when women want to tell us about their own stories about themselves and their group of friends.

How do you stay calm when your business stresses you out?

We have Thursday night dinner with our girlfriends to keep us calm! Seriously, for us cooking, being creative, and spending time with our friends is the biggest stress relief in the world.
What did your parents or friends say when you told them you wanted to start your own business/ about your business idea?

Our parents and friends have been incredibly supportive- whether it’s modeling for photos for the website, sending us recipes or craft directions after our incessant nagging or just sharing in our excitement when something good has happened for us. We can’t be more grateful to have the kind of friends and families who support us 100% but also continually challenge us to be better and to do more than we think we can.


2 responses to “Introducing Colleen and Stephania: Our Weekly Women Entrepreneurs

  1. This is very inspiring. It’s so great to see women doing wonderful things and doing them well despite the challenges.

  2. It’s so so great to hear of these young women having the faith enough to take a leap and break out on their own to pursue their passions. Thanks for the Facebook add, Jordana! Much success & happiness in coaching! 🙂

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