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2 responses to “Want More?

  1. Hi Jordana,
    So excited to read about my friend and colleague Tammy Golson on your website! We have worked on many events together in the NYC, tri-state area. I’d love to introduce myself as I am a custom invitation designer and paper items fanatic with over ten years experience in my field. Most of my clients are brides or bar/bat mitzvah moms but I have also created designs for anniversaries, birthday parties and showers. My designs run the gamut from invitations to menus to siddurs to escort cards. I was recently featured in several issues of “The Knot” and on their webcasts. I would love to explore the possibility of being listed as one of your Weekly Experts. I greatly admire the premise of your site and am always happy to meet other entrepreneurial, amazing women! Thanks again, Ana

  2. You have a great blog Jordana. I love that you are supporting women entrepreneurs. As an independent author and artist I can greatly appreciate that
    I want to invite you to my blog challenge. It is going on until we have 500 bloggers. This is focused on my work to empower young women. You can see the details here. http://writewhatuknow.wordpress.com/2012/01/17/the-500-blog-raiser-challenge/

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